RiskSMART applications are assessed through a fast tracked assessment process designed for “low risk” development proposals that provide a high level of compliance with Brisbane City Plan 2014 and will have little impact on the neighbourhood and the environment.
To have a proposal assessed through the Risk SMART process, a Brisbane City Council accredited consultant is required to prepare and submit the development application to BCC. Council makes a decision on the application lodged by the accredited consultant. 

Once submitted to Brisbane City Council, RiskSMART development applications can usually be decided by BCC within five working days of an application entering the ‘decision making period’. For Code Assessable Applications the decision period begins once the application is ‘Properly Made’. Impact Assessable application’s decision period commences once public notification requirements have been fulfilled. 

Applications recommended for approval by a Council Accredited Risk SMART consultant are likely to be approved by Council. 

Atomic Town Planning is a Brisbane City Council RiskSMART accredited consultant and is authorised to submit the following types of eligible applications:

 As a BCC accredited consultant, it is our responsibility to:

  • ensure the development complies with the lodgement and application type criteria;
  • take responsibility for ensuring the application is ‘properly made’;
  • assess the proposal against the relevant City Plan 2014 requirements;
  • provide recommended development conditions to Council;
  • be accountable to BCC for the accuracy of the information submitted.

With our extensive knowledge of Council's application process and the Brisbane City Plan 2014, we can quickly assess your proposal against current planning regulations, assisting in reducing development applications costs and provide a higher level of certainty for your project.

Contact Atomic Town Planning if you would like to discuss the suitability of your project for a RiskSMART lodgement.



RiskSMART Applications

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